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    The locks for commercial doors are a lot more complicated than the locks for residential doors. How are commercial door locks different, you might ask.


    Well, they are different because of the following reasons:

    Commercial door locks use dual key systems

    This is because there is a need to have a lock that can withstand being opened by force and also be quickly opened in an emergency situation. In order to provide these functions, most commercial door locks today will use dual key systems where the person who needs access will have one key and someone else will have another.

    This way if they are ever separated from their keys, they still have the ability to get back inside of the building without needing assistance from anyone else.


    Commercial door locks are sometimes installed on sliding doors

    The other major difference with these types of locks is that on some occasions you may find them installed on sliding doors as opposed to swinging doors as you would see on residential properties. This allows people to have quick access to their buildings without putting themselves in danger of being attacked.

    Another type of lock that you may see on some doors is the hotel door locks which are often used on service entrances or sometimes at front desks. This way if anyone ever tries to enter without having an actual key, the person at the front desk will be able to prevent them from entering.


    Commercial door locks are much more sturdy

    When it comes to commercial door locks, they are also a lot more sturdy because they need to be able to withstand force. Residential doors will normally use deadbolts that are not as strong as latch bolts that are found on commercial doors because the need has arisen for these types of locks to be stronger.

    In order to have a truly safe building, you should not ever skimp on your lock installation process as this is the only way that you can truly ensure that your people are as protected as possible from harm. In all reality, this means giving them the best commercial door locks available so that they can have peace of mind every time they come to work and go home.


    Most common door locks used for commercial properties

    Some of the most common door locks that are used for commercial properties are keypad locks, card reader locks, and digital locks.

    Keypad locks – this type of door lock will allow someone to enter the building by using a code. This is often used in places where there are no employees present at all times so it does not give the person entering access to restricted areas.

    Card reader locks – this type of door lock is similar to keypad locks except that instead of having to use a numerical code, you need to use a card of some sort with an embedded chip inside of it. This is usually used in situations where employees are allowed access but other people can also come and go without security clearance.

    Digital locks – this type of door lock functions like keypad locks except that instead of numbers, you use digital keys which are either on a smartphone or sent through a text message to allow someone access. This is used in locations where there are people who have the potential of being violent and need to be monitored as much as possible.

    Combination locks – Combination locks are a type of lock that can be used on many different types of door hardware including commercial doors. This type of lock is very common and there are low-cost models available for property owners.


    Now there are also biometric lock options that can be programmed to recognize fingerprints or handprints.

    Biometric locks – This type of lock is becoming more popular as it provides a high level of security with an easy access point for authorized personnel. There are some downsides to this type of lock though; one being the expense associated with installation and another is the need for maintenance due to wear on parts like batteries and fingerprint scanners.

    That’s not all though; you’ll also find several different types of deadbolts that can be installed into doors including mortise bolts, rim bolts, sash bolts, cylinder bolts, padlocks, etc.

    Cylindrical bolts – The most common deadbolt is the cylindrical lock and this type will be used frequently in commercial properties. They are strong enough to withstand forced entry while still being affordable at the same time. It is also possible to find them in keyless versions so that you can keep your employees safe while still being able to let people without security clearance into the building.

    Mortise bolts – These are other types of deadbolts that will be found in commercial properties. They are made to work with the door’s latch which means that you won’t need any additional hardware in order for them to keep your building secure.

    Rim bolt locks – This is yet another type of deadbolt that is commonly found in commercial properties like warehouses and businesses that require high security. These locks can be used with or without lever handles and they are easy to install with only a screwdriver needed to get the job done.

    Padlocks – These types of locks are great for commercial properties because they give you the option of not having to deal with keys at all if you so choose. You just need to have a way of locking and unlocking them from the outside so that access can be acquired.

    So now that you know the different types of commercial door locks, it should be easy to choose one for your business. It is important to remember though that just because a certain type has been deemed “safer” than another does not mean that it will be 100% impenetrable.


    Professional Locksmith Tip:


    Properties that require pretty extensive locking systems might want to look into digital locks and electronic bolt locks. This type of door hardware offers a lot of convenience for everyone that has access to the building or room that’s being secured.

    It’s important to know though that these locks require a significant amount of power and need to be installed near an electric power source. There are also wireless electronic door locks that don’t require any wiring at all, but they can have a limited range.

    Choosing a property owner’s access control system is going to depend on the size of the building and how much security is needed. If there’s a warehouse or room that has a lot of very expensive equipment stored in it then you may want to consider using biometric locks or digital locks and electronic bolt locks.

    You should also use this type of lock if the commercial property requires increased safety for its employees; like an office building where healthcare professionals work with patients.


    The key takeaway about commercial door locks

    In general, commercial door locks are much more complicated than residential door locks because they also need to be able to withstand force. On top of this, there is a need for these locks to be as secure as possible from outside forces without being too complicated or difficult to use from the inside.

    In order to install commercial door locks, you should always make sure that you hire a professional who can do a great job of installing them correctly and on time so that you never have to worry about the safety of your building again.


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