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    A deadbolt is an important part of home security. Here are five tips on how to update your current lock so it provides increased safety and peace of mind.

    Although most burglars will try to enter through the front door, they might also attempt to break in through backdoors or windows. The locks that you have on these doors should also be hard to pick but aren’t always.


    5 Smart Tips on How to Increase the Security of Your Home Door Locks


    A simple fix is using a longer bolt so the door cannot be lifted up without releasing the latch.


    1. Deadbolts and Door Locks must be Hard to Pick:

    If you’re locking system isn’t hard to pick, a burglar may enter your home relatively easily. There are several ways you can make locks harder to pick: First, a longer bolt will help prevent a person from lifting up the door and popping the latch.

    A double cylinder lock is also harder for burglars to pick since they could not reach around and turn it with a tool. Deadbolts are stronger than other types of locks, but the structure of the door must also be sturdy.


    2. Sidelocks can prevent against Kick-Ins:

    Many doors are susceptible to being kicked in by burglars. If you have a high-quality door with adequate reinforcement, this is less likely. However, homes often have doors without reinforcement.

    If your door is vulnerable, install a sidelock to prevent this. To pick the lock on a sidelock, the burglar must reach over and turn it from the outside. This will make them more likely to kick in or break down the door making noise, both of which are undesirable for burglars trying to be covert.


    3. Invest in the Highest Quality Door Structure & Hardware:

    The sturdiness of your door is important to prevent kick-ins. A solid wood or metal door that is reinforced will be hard for a burglar to break through.

    Make sure that the locks are made out of sturdy metals as well, though there are other options available for certain doors.


    4. Window Security:

    Windows is another entrance that burglars will frequently attempt to enter through. It is easy for a thief to remove the screen and unlock the window also, so it is important to keep these locked while you’re away from home or at night when you sleep. You can install locks on the inside of windows to prevent this.


    5. Get your Keys Duplicated:

    If you’re concerned about the safety of your house, it is advised that you get new locks installed on all doors and windows.

    This may be expensive, but if you go to a trusted locksmith like King Locksmith & Doors Gaithersburg MD; they will make sure to get the best quality locks for your home without hurting your wallet.

    If you already have locks, make sure to keep an extra set of keys somewhere hidden outside of the house. That way if you ever misplace keys or lock yourself out, you won’t need to break down doors or windows to enter.


    FAQs about on How to Increase the Security of Your Home:


    What is a Deadbolt?

    A deadbolt is a lock on your door’s handle. It provides more security than a standard lock because it can’t be picked. You turn it to the left or the right and push the bolt into place. Then, you cannot pull the knob off unless you pull up on it simultaneously, which is much harder to do.


    What are Side Locks?

    These are locks that go on the door jamb. They prevent burglars from just kicking in your door or lifting it up to turn the latch. To pick this type of lock, they would have to reach over and twist it with a tool, making noise.


    What is the Difference Between Deadbolts, Sidelocks, and Door Locks?

    Deadbolts are locks that go on the door’s handle. They provide extra security because they can’t be picked easily by burglars to enter your home. Sidelocks are locks that go on the side of the door jamb. They prevent people from reaching over with a tool to turn it and open your door.

    Door locks are the standard type of lock that goes on the handle of your door. They can be picked easily, but they prevent others from pushing their way into your home without turning the knob to enter.


    How Do You Improve Home Security?

    The most important part of ensuring the security of your home is by installing locks on all of your doors and windows. Make sure they are high-quality locks made out of sturdy metals for the greatest effectiveness. You can also make sure to keep an extra set of keys outside of the house in case you ever misplace your keys or lock yourself out.


    What is Lock Picking?

    Lock picking is the technique burglars use to open locks without using a key. They insert tools into slots on the lock and wiggle them around until they find the tumbler that will allow them to turn it to gain access. It takes patience, skill, and training to be good at this.


    What are Tumblers?

    If you turn a key to unlock a lock, there will be little pins inside that fall into place. These are the “tumblers,” and if you press down on each one at the same time with your key, it will be able to turn the lock.


    How do You Prevent Locks from Being Picked?

    One way to prevent locks from being picked is by using locks that are high quality and sturdy metals. Another way to prevent them is to install deadbolts on all of your doors, as well as sidelocks or door locks, which require the burglar to pick them with tools to gain access.


    How do You Prevent Locks from Being Bump-Keyed?

    Bump-keying a lock is when a burglar gets ahold of a key that fits perfectly in your locks and presses all the pins in place, unlocking it. If you ever suspect this has happened to you, contact King Locksmith & Doors Gaithersburg MD to change your locks immediately.


    Do you want to make your home more secure?

    You’ve probably heard that a house is not a home without locks. But what kind of lock should you choose for your door? There are many different types, and each one has its own benefits and drawbacks.


    Here’s how to decide which type of lock will work best for you.

    The first thing to consider when choosing a lock is whether or not it needs to be keyed like other locks in the house. If so, then there are two main options – mortise locksets and rim locksets – both of which can be keyed alike at the factory before installation or by an experienced professional after installation.

    Mortise lockset keys have round heads like doorknobs but they also have pins inside them that allow them to turn in the cylinder much as a deadbolt does.

    Rim locksets don’t need any pins because they use flat keys with small metal bars on top called “key slips” that fit into grooves on the outside edge of the plug (the part that turns). Once inserted, these key slips prevent rotation until removed again using another key or tool such as pliers or wire cutters.

    Both types offer strong security against forced entry but mortise lockset provide better protection against bumping attacks than rim lock sets do because their thicker bodies resist being bumped easier than thinner rim lock ones do.


    Are you looking for ways to increase the security of your home?

    You can start by making sure all doors and windows have deadbolts installed. This is a great way for homeowners to protect themselves from intruders trying to break in through their front door or back door.

    Another tip is installing motion sensor lights around the exterior of your house so that if someone does try and get into your house, they will be detected immediately.

    If you want even more protection, consider investing in a smart lock system like HomeKit which allows users full control over their locks with an app on their phone.

    With this technology, homeowners can easily unlock doors using Siri voice commands or automatically lock them when they leave the house without having to worry about losing keys or forgetting combinations anymore!

    Finally, it’s important for people who live alone not only to invest in these technologies but also to take extra precautions such as getting a dog (or two) because dogs are known for being excellent at protecting homes against burglars! They will bark whenever anyone tries breaking into your home which gives you time enough time to alert authorities before anything happens.


    So don’t wait any longer – call us at 240-345-9357 today and find out how easy it is for you to keep yourself safe from criminals!